Each story begins with the humanity of a coffee.

We want to tell the places of the war in Bosnia with the Empathy of the Artists, who come in symbiosis with the Stories that are told to them, but with the Respect that every Historian, Reporter, Linguistic and Cultural Mediator should have in welcoming them. With the hope that coffee after coffee, testimony after testimony, we will go beyond the legacy of war, the walls of silence and the walls of tears, for a Bosnia and Herzegovina and a Europe that are truly the home of each of us.

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To listen optimally we recommend you to have a coffee, get comfortable and use headphones

On 1 March, coinciding with Markale’s Theatrical Premiere, the site of Un caffé oltre i muri was completed. To celebrate this, we wanted to offer you a podcast longer than usual with the preponderant testimony of our play of Narrative Theatre.
We can be satisfied with the work done because on Un caffé oltre i muri you can find both a historical framework of what happened between 1980 and 1996 in the former Yugoslavia and specifically during the war in Bosnia; both the Testimonies of the women and men who survived.
We believe in the widespread importance of Testimony, Memory and Knowledge, especially in a historical moment like this. For this reason we wanted to welcome the Testimonials with Empathy and Respect, take care of them and tell you about them.


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